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Urban Planning

  • Specific precedent and legal barriers in the transfer of properties to Indigenous ownership.
  • What specific proportions of household income levels produce the alleged benefits of mixed-income neighbourhoods?
  • An urbanist’s commentary of the musicals ‘Rent’, ‘West Side Story’, ‘In The Heights’ depiction of gentrification and New York and its relevance to the current state of real estate speculation.
  • What is the importance, if any, of the 《清明上河图》 on modern urbanism?


  • What evidence do we have of individual or household income/wealth impacts due to participation in a cooperative and specifically in a worker cooperative? (Currently not enough data?)
  • Mapping DAOs to Worker Coopeeratives, a simplified comparasion.

Toronto’s Chinatown

  • That time that the East Spadina Steering Committee election was determined by overt mob tactics and threats?
  • How did neighbourhood mortgages work exactly in Toronto’s Chinatown associations pre and post Chinese Exclusion Act?
  • A history of the resistence to Dragon City Mall’s construction.
  • Archival images of the Chinatown gardens before its redevelopment into Chinatown Centre.

Or if commentary / studies already exist in relation to these questions, I would so appreciate it if you could share your sources with me so that we can nerd together.

Found answers or future attempts at writing will be linked here as well.

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