Upcoming Events

20-22 October ‘23. “CLT Summit”. Canadian Network of CLTs. Toronto. Register here.

4 November ‘23. “Panel Discussion: Canadian Premiere of Best in the World.”  Architecture and Design Film Festival Toronto. Tickets here.

23 November ‘23. “Big Fight in Little Chinatown Film Screening and Discussion.” Chinatown, the Best! Long Time No See x Hart House. Tickets here.

Past Events

29-30 September ‘23. “CHINATOWN REIMAGINED FORUM II”. Jia Foundation. Montreal. Recording here.

23 September ‘23. “ACO Toronto's Heritage and Housing Symposium”. Architecture Conservatory of Ontario. Ontario Science Centre.

18 September ‘23. “Art of City Building Conference“ Halifax.

29 & 30 August ‘23. “Big Fight in Little Chinatown, presented with the Toronto Chinatown Land Trust”. HotDocs Ted Rogers Cinema. TICKETS.

23 August ‘23. “Chinatown 2050: In Conversation with the Toronto Chinatown Land Trust”. HotDocs Ted Rogers Cinema. TICKETS.

30 May ‘23. HotDocs. “Big Fight in Little Chinatown”. TICKETS.

8 May ‘23. “HOT POT TALKS X MAYWORKS: ft. Rick Sin & Chiyi Tam“. DETAILS.

30 April ‘23. “Planting The Seeds of Imagination - Symposium on Co-Design, Legacy Planning + Lessons in Building Community Power. Myseum Toronto Intersections Festival. Register here - LINK.

17 April ‘23. “Protecting Affordable Housing in Mixed-Use Buildings with Community Ownership | Protéger les logements abordables grâce à la propriété communautaire”. CMHC ECOH Webinar | Webinaire CODEL. LINK.

9 Mar ‘23. Thursday. 1:00-2:00pm EST. “Protecting Tenants and Preserving Housing Affordability: Case studies from community land trusts“. Canadian Housing Renewal Association, Canadian Network of Community Land Trusts.

6 Feb ‘23. Monday. 6:00-8:00pm EST. “Community Wealth as a Anti-Racism Strategy”. Anti-Racism Action Project Learning Series. Regent Park Community Health Centre. Register here.

21 Jan ‘23. Saturday. 4:00-7:00pm EST. @The Bakery, 2 Fraser Avenue. “+(plus)2.0: Imagining the future of city-building together through creative mixed-use.“ Panel hosted by DesignTO, Infrastructure Institute, School of Cities.

6 Dec ‘22. Tuesday. 7:00-8:30pm EST. “Advancing the Right to Housing in Toronto: Report Launch - Critical Perspectives on the GTA’s Housing Crisis and How To Solve It.” Affordable Housing Challenge Project. School of Cities Toronto. Recording on Youtube.

26 Nov ‘22. Saturday. 2:00pm EST. “The Battle for Chinatowns Across Canada”. Lin Lecture 2022. Chinese Canadian Historical Society of BC. Online. Recording on Youtube.

25 Nov ‘22. Friday. 12:45pm EST. “Land Access & Food Sovereignty Panel”. Peoples Social Impact Conference 2022. SETSI.

24 Nov ‘22. Thursday. 12:00pm EST. “Reality Check: How much govenment supported affordable housing is being built?”. Urban Land Institute. Recording on Youtube.

4 Nov ‘22. Saturday. 6:30-8:30pm EST. “Toronto CLT Movement: Housing Justice, Racial Equity and Economic Democracy.” 201 Cowan Avenue, Toronto. Planners Network. Recording on Youtube.

2 Nov ‘22. Wednesday. 11:15am-12:15pm “Harnessing nonprofits’ economic power to build community wealth.” Nonprofit Driven. The Ontario Nonprofit Network Annual Conference 2022. Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

19 Oct ‘22.  Wednesday. 12:00-1:00pm EST. JEDI Roundtable - Co-operation in the World of Tomorrow. Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada. Online panel.

Sep ‘22. “An introduction to land trusts in Toronto.” Panel hosted by Parkdale Free School at Danu Social House.

Jun ‘22. C4C Housing Systems Workshop Series Non Market Housing Solutions - CLTs, Co-ops, & CHCs [Panel]. Windsor Law Centre for Cities, Canadian Urban Institute, Smart Prosperity Institute. Recording here.

May ’22. Civic Innovation: Building the Enabling Infrastructure for New Ways of Working Together [Presentation and Panel]. Toronto Public Library, Innovation Council.

May ’22. Buy Your Neighbourhood with Kensington Market's Community Land Trust [Walking Tour]. Jane’s Walks Toronto / Kensington Market Community Land Trust.

Mar ‘22. Women in Cooperatives [Panel]. Social Economy Through Social Inclusion.

Jan ‘22. The Future of Community Finance in Canada [Panel]. Social Economy Through Social Inclusion.

Dec ‘21. 54 Kensington Market, Neighbourhood Organizing and Community Land Trust. [Panel]. Affordable Housing Challenge Project/Kensington Market Community Land Trust. || Recording via Youtube.

Dec ‘21. Employee Ownership in Canada [Panel]. Social Economy Through Social Inclusion

Nov ‘21. National Housing Day - Tools for Social Change in Housing [Panel]. Humber College. 

Oct ‘21. Activating Solidarity Economies for Climate Justice [Panel]. UBC CCEL x Climate Hub.

Oct ‘21. Pathways to Community Ownership. Black Urbanism Toronto. || Recording via Facebook

Jun ‘21. HOT POT TALKS! ft. Chiyi Tam on Changing the Flavour of Labour [Video]. Love Intersections. || Recording via Youtube.

May ‘21. Chinatown: Future Heritage(s) of Toronto’s Chinatowns (Symposium) [Presentation and Panel]. Intersections 2021. Myseum Toronto. || Recording via Youtube.

Mar ‘21. Sustainability Careers for a Just Recovery [Panel]. Embark Sustainability Society/Kwantlen Student Association/UBC Climate Hub/UBC Sustainability Ambassadors/CityStudio Vancouver.

Feb ‘21. The Future We Want And Need [Presentation and Panel]. Urban Land Institute.

Feb ‘21. A Community Land Trust in Chinatown? [Presentation]. Friends of Chinatown Toronto. || Recording via Youtube.

Feb ‘21. Equity in Community Development [Workshop]. United Way Greater Vancouver.

Feb ‘21. Legalizing Social Enterprise [Presentation]. Strategic Initiatives Unit, City of Toronto.

Nov ‘21. Mutual Aid & Community Care [Workshop]. Apathy is Boring, RISE Program Vancouver.

Aug ‘20. Episode 3 - No more Bad Boyfriends: Dumping the liberal development agenda w/ Chiyi Tam [Podcast]. The Common Denominator Podcast.

Jun ‘20. Planning and the Economics of NonProfits [Podcast]. Peak Boredom Podcast.

Mar ‘20. Self-Care for Community Organizing [Workshop]. Apathy is Boring, RISE Toronto. 

Feb ‘20. Community Organizing 101 [Panel]. Apathy is Boring. RISE Program Toronto.

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